Supernatural Childbirth: A Personal Experience

Supernatural Childbirth


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Supernatural Childbirth

Supernatural Childbirth: A Personal Experience

Even before I was pregnant, I knew in my heart that supernatural childbirth was real. Now, we’re not talking some weird, magical, unexplainable event. Were talking about faith in Jesus – that He took on every curse of sin and death (including their consequences – one of which says women will experience pain in childbearing) when He died on the cross. Then He overcame them all when He rose again. 

For those of you to whom this sounds like irrelevant crazy talk or thoughts just to make ourselves feel better – I assure you, it’s not. It’s real. Many women have experienced what I’m talking about, including myself, and some have even experienced the fullness of it — absolutely no pain during or after labor! Our God is a very personal, come-down-to-your-level, meet-you-where-you-are, LOVING God and everything He does is intentional – meant for you right now, in your life. You did not stumble upon this article by accident.

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Here’s the basis of the story:

After Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil (which God instructed Adam not to do), God told Adam and Eve the consequences of their actions – the one in question being:

Genesis 3:16

If this was the reality created by the curse of sin, it stands to reason that the previous reality was the opposite – i.e. a woman’s pain in childbearing was not “very severe” and it did not require “painful labor” to give birth to children. This pre-fall version of pregnancy & childbearing – fully healthy mom and baby, no pain or agonizing labor – is what I’m referring to as “Supernatural Childbirth.”

Pain Free Childbirth?

If God told Eve that painful childbearing was what she would now experience as a result of her sin, what makes me think it no longer applies to women today (all of being descendants of Eve)? I’m glad you asked. Jesus, is the answer. In Jesus, every curse that applied to us is instead applied to him. As long as we believe in Him, we are free from every curse.Galatians 3:13


That’s a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. That, my friends, is perfect, unconditional love. His goal is a relationship with us, not our perfection – and He makes this clear by saying He covers us in our wrongdoing and every curse we deserve, He takes on in our place. Wow.

Part of this relationship is believing God for His goodness, manifested in the sacrifice of Jesus. This is the part that I think a lot of believers miss these days. He is calling us to put our faith in Him before we see results, before we experience what we’re believing for. Why? This demonstrates that we have a revelation of His character and not just His works. In other words, He doesn’t just do loving things. He doesn’t just make good things happen. He IS love and He IS good. So we believe before we see.

John 20:29

My Personal Experience with Supernatural Childbirth

Now, as I was saying, even before I was pregnant I knew this was a real thing. I knew the curse, I knew the solution and most importantly, I knew the Redeemer. I knew everything involved with childbirth was designed to be a blessing and not a curse and, for me, this meant freedom from every negative aspect of pregnancy and childbirth – from morning sickness to the agonizing pain of natural labor that makes some mamas want to die on the spot. So I put my faith into action. Every time I started to experience morning sickness, I would declare – out loud – “I do not accept any negative side effects of pregnancy. Jesus died on the cross to redeem me from every curse and I stand in His victory right now. I command this morning sickness to leave, in Jesus’ mighty name.” AND IT WOULD LEAVE! It only happened a few times before it just stayed away all together. Why would you be okay with accepting a consequence Jesus died to free you from?

As I got closer to my due date, I found it harder and harder to believe for pain-free childbirth. No one I talked to, including other believers, had experienced it before and I didn’t know anyone else who had faith for it. Most people I spoke with about the concept actually responded with a lot of doubts, fears and general bad experiences. “The facts” is what they would call them.  Virtually every depiction of childbirth in the media tells women that it’s supposed to be agonizing, painful and, more often than not, the worst experience of your life. This was extremely hard for me because I was in a serious battle fighting my own doubts and fears – just barely hanging on in the fight to overcome. So when people responded negatively to what I was believing for, it made it harder for me to stand my ground. It’s never easy to feel like the only soldier on your battlefield.

Supernatural Childbirth

The Game-changer

Then one day my friend told me about this book, Supernatural Childbirth. I bought it on kindle within seconds, and read it beginning to end before the day was over. The author, Jackie Mize, not only believed in Supernatural Childbirth, but experienced it multiple times herself. I cried throughout the entire read. Someone had actually experienced what I was believing to be a reality. It felt like what I knew to be true in my spirit, lined up with what I believed in my head AND my heart for the first time. It was a relief – an ecstasy of sorts – a feeling I can’t quite describe.

I read and re-read and re-read again Supernatural Childbirth. I listened to the audio version while walking my dog and driving to and from work and I searched the scriptures when I got home for my own personal revelation of what I was believing for. 

Prayers & Promises for Supernatural Childbirth

Jackie Mize’s follow-up book Prayers & Promises for Supernatural Childbirth was something I also read and studied. Every chance I got I fueled my faith, filling my heart and mind with supernatural realties – God’s realities in Jesus, which are so much better than earthly realities apart from Him.

I went on to give birth naturally to a beautiful baby boy after only having pushed for 22 minutes. Was it completely pain-free? Not exactly. But it was pretty darn close. I never wanted to die. I never thought I couldn’t do it. And I never lost faith for what I know to be a true reality in Jesus. So that’s why I’m going for it even harder this second time around. And I’ll let you guys know of the glory that ensues when it comes 😉

Happy Pregnancy!

Right there with ya,

Niki from

The Newlymoms

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