Power Declarations for Supermoms

Power Declarations for Supermoms


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Power Declarations for Supermoms

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Power Declarations for Supermoms

Who you are is not who you’ve been. As Steve Backlund says, “Your identity doesn’t come from what you’ve done, but what you were created to do.”

As moms it’s easy to look at the parenting mistakes we’ve made and build a foundation of lies and disappointments. What we don’t always realize is how these foundational beliefs direct the course of our future. In the spiritual realm, these beliefs become strongholds that ultimately determine how we view ourselves, interact with God and expect His goodness to manifest in our lives. What you believe about yourself today determines the person you will be and reality you will experience tomorrow.

Going Against the Grain

Deliberately choosing to believe something different about ourselves and our circumstances is not easy. It feels like going against the grain or swimming upstream. This is why these beliefs are called strongholds. They’re difficult to break because our enemy, the devil (who is the father of all the lies we believe), knows how powerful a mind is that believes truth. So he works overtime to pull our thoughts into darkness and away from the light.

Sometimes we can feel powerless to control the thoughts that come in and out of our minds. Each thought can feel like an attack on our efforts to believe or experience something different. One of the easiest and simplest ways to combat this is by speaking – yes, out loud. The weight of our words has the power to change what we believe and entertain as reality in our minds. Our words can change the channel we’re listening to and train a new default mode into our minds.

Scientists have shown that much of what we believe about ourselves, the world and our reality comes from our subconscious mind. Thus, it can seem like an impossible feat to truly change our foundational belief systems – they come from a place we haven’t yet figured out how to consciously access. But here’s the exciting part – as taken from a Forbes article entitled, “Are Your Speech Patterns Sabotaging Your Success?

Psychologists have found that our subconscious mind interprets what it hears very literally.  The words that come out of our mouth therefore create the reality we inhabit. For better or worse. Unfortunately it’s often the latter as we unconsciously sabotage our success simply by using language that undermines our opinions, amplifies our problems and chips away at our confidence to handle them. Whatever direction your words lead, your mind, body and environment will inevitably follow.  If you use positive language about yourself and your ability to learn new skills, achieve your goals and handle pressure, then that’s what tends to show up externally. Conversely, if you’re continually saying things that affirm incompetence, echo hopelessness, nurture anxiety or fuel pessimism, then that will also shape your reality. As risk of sounding fluffy, over time your world will morph to mirror your words.

Choosing a Higher Reality

Spiritually speaking, you can choose to believe a higher reality – God’s reality. The enemy will always attempt to pull you back to your past experiences or present circumstances and point out everything that has gone wrong. But we have been given the divine responsibility and massive opportunity to co-create God’s reality in our lives. And in order to do that, we MUST believe and speak into existence something higher than our past experiences or present circumstances.

Every example of this involves knowing the truth of scripture and having a revelation of who God created you to be. Once you have that part down – it takes a commitment to declare those truths OUT LOUD daily. The times when these truths feel the least like reality are, more often than not, the most opportune times to say them. It’s when the enemy is really working to get you to agree with them. If you can declare truth in the most difficult times, you’re creating a lifestyle of standing on what God says rather than what the world around you looks like – or (sometimes more importantly) how you feel.

A common argument to this method of renewing your mind is the concept that you’re declaring lies when your statements don’t match up with what’s real in your life right now. Well, as Steve Backlund says in his book, “Igniting Faith in 40 Days,”

An apple tree will produce apples because of what it is. When it is young, it will have no apples; but it still must say, ‘I am an apple tree.’ When it is winter and there are no apples; it still says, ‘I am an apple tree.’ Is it lying at those times? No. It would be lying to say anything different.

In other words, just because we don’t see the fruit of what God says and what we’re declaring – that doesn’t make it any less true. In fact, SPEAKING truth precedes SEEING truth in the kingdom of God.

Believing in Yourself As a Mama

One of the most powerful ways to parent your children is to actually believe you’re a good parent. God gave you your precious child because He believes in who He made you to be. Now, isn’t it time that you got on board and started believing & DECLARING who He made you to be? If you’re going to agree with someone, let it be the God of universe …


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