Maternity Essentials for the Corporate Mama

Maternity Essentials for the corporate mama


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Maternity Essentials for the Corporate Mama

Corporate Mama Maternity EssentialsAlright, mamas. Unlike Miss Christine, I did my research when it came to maternity clothes. I work a corporate job as a construction project manager in a business casual-ish office. Thus, I didn’t have the luxury of just a few t-shirts and jeans – for those of you who have that option, Praise Jesus, take a look at Christine’s last few posts HERE and HERE. Anyway, not only did I need to look ON POINT (however possible that is with a bowling ball strapped to your front end), I didn’t have time to carefully curate an outfit with 357 parts and pieces.

A quick side note for our tribe: We are all about mutually beneficial relationships here at the Newlymoms. So naturally, this article may contain affiliate links. This means that if you were to use the links provided and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). We only promote products we use, love, and/or fully support — it’s a win, win, win! If you have any questions about what we use, love and/or support, please reach out to us via our contact page.

Unfortunately for me (but lucky for you), much of this research came through trial & error. You see, companies these days are doing this really cute thing where they only sell their maternity lines ONLINE. How helpful is that? The answer: it’s not at all – if you’re going in blind, that is (Which, after this post – you, my lovelies, will not be). I tried everything from Zulily to Old Navy and returned IT ALL. The only place I kept every single piece from (that’s right – every. single. piece) is ASOS. Go there, now (she said as a loving, but very firm suggestion).

And if you can’t figure out from the pics below – my secret? BLACK. Everything, BLACK. And, if not black, DARK. Not only is it slimming (HA!), but it makes even the simplest cotton tee look the [corporate] part. Muahahahaha.

Maternity Essentials for the Corporate Mama


My Happy Place – the Corporate Jumpsuit

1. Maternity Belted Jumpsuit w/ Kimono Sleeve

Corporate Maternity Belted Jumpsuit w/ Kimono Sleeve

2. Maternity V-neck Jumpsuit w/ Wide Leg

V-neck Jumpsuit w/ Wide Leg

My 2nd Happy Place – the Corporate Maxi

3. Ultimate Maxi Tea Dress

Ultimate Maxi Tea Dress

4. Mixed Fabric Strappy Maxi Dress

Mixed Fabric Strappy Maxi Dress

My 3rd Happy Place – the Leggings/Tunic Corporate Combo

5. Over-the-bump Maternity Leggings

Over-the-bump Maternity Leggings

6. Striped Dip-Hem Jersey Top

Striped Dip-hem Jersey Top

The Double-BANG – the Corporate Maternity/Nursing Dress

7. Double Layer Maxi Dress in Stripe
(these stripes are surprisingly flattering)

Double-Layer Maxi Dress in Stripe

8. New Look Maternity Nursing Dress

New Look Maternity Nursing Dress

And in case any of y’all are wondering – YES, I made up the bomb category names myself 😉

You’re oh-so welcome,

Niki from
The Newlymoms

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