7 Signs Your Faith is Working (Or Not)

7 Signs Your Faith is Working


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7 Signs Your Faith is Working

Often times we gauge whether our faith is working based off tangible fruit – financial increase, new job opportunities, more church attendees, etc. When in God’s reality, our faith is demonstrated – first and foremost – by inward transformation. But how do you gauge or measure inward transformation?

This article is inspired by an instagram post from @kvministries where Kris Vallotton states,

“We are instructed by Jesus to live by faith. Yet faith has many faces;

1. Humility is faith working in relationships.

2. Courage is faith in battle.

3. Integrity is faith working in character.

4. Persistence is faith working in destiny.

5. Miracles are faith working in power.

6. Vision is faith working in legacy.

7. Covenant is faith working in family.”

What’s so awesome about this is that it brings faith to a daily, actionable level. It’s not just this spiritual superfood – it’s demonstrated in the choices we make in each of the categories above every single day of our lives. Let’s break down each one of these and use it as a tool to evaluate your faith levels and progress in each area of our lives. Our goal is not to tell you where you are, but to ask provocative questions that help you let the Lord into each of these areas of your lives.

1. Humility is faith working in relationships.

Are more concerned with who’s right or how you can love each other regardless?

Do you see being the first to apologize or share your feelings a sign of weakness or strength?

Are you focused on what someone can do for you or how you can serve someone else?

Is recognition from the other person the most important thing to you or do you believe God seeing, valuing and rewarding your actions is enough?

Do you see problems with everyone else before choosing to search or letting God search your own heart?

2. Courage is faith in battle.

Do you stand firm or shrink back when facing opposition?

Is your fear limiting or expanding your goals and movement toward them?

Do ask God to come in and be your strength when you feel afraid or do you take solace in another form of security?

Is your belief limited by fear of past experiences happening again or do you have hope for a better outcome?

3. Integrity is faith working in character.

Do you do what you say you’re going to do regardless of the circumstance or just when things turn out the way you want them to?

Do you hold your commitments even after the feeling of motivation is gone?

Do you maintain your values regardless of the people you happen to be around?

Do you act out of what you believe even when you don’t feel like believing it anymore?

4. Persistence is faith working in destiny.

Do you “shelf” your prayers when you don’t see answers?

Do you agree with God’s promises while you’re still in process?

Do you search for other ways when the paths you’ve tried don’t work out?

Do you keep believing even when you don’t understand or can’t see the next step?

5. Miracles are faith working in power.

Do you feed on the miracles of God experienced in your life and the lives of others?

Do you believe in the power of your own testimony and do you share it with others?

Is your hope in yourself or what God can do and wants to do through you?

Do you pursue a life of miracles, signs & wonders?

6. Vision is faith working in legacy.

Are your goals confined to or defined by your lifetime?

Do you have a vision for your family line or does it end with you?

Are you believing for a ripple effect of your life into the generations after you?

Do you make choices with the generations after you in mind?

7. Covenant is faith working in family.

Are you fully 100% committed to your family?

Do you believe that God will bring all of you into perfect unity if you’d just put your trust in Him? Or do you often entertain thoughts of needing people or things to change in order to be happy?

Do you compare your family’s situation to that of other families and let the spirit of comparison affect how you love?

A great way to teach your children about faith is to use the questions above the start a discussion, dive into their hearts and let Holy Spirit bring you closer. Try it out and let us know what you think!

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