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6 Unconventional Tips for Your 2nd Pregnancy

6 Unconventional Tips for your 2nd pregnancy


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6 Unconventional Tips for your 2nd pregnancy

1. The Victim Mentality is NOT YOUR FRIEND

You’re a mom – to state the obvious. Moms are anointed to be strong, solid and secure. And as difficult as carrying, birthing and raising a child might be – using this as an excuse to be tired, weak and wounded throughout your second, third and fourth pregnancies will only make you … well, more tired, weak and wounded. Moms don’t need excuses to be tired, to do less and to complain more. We need to build ourselves and each other up to be strong, level-headed and hopeful. So shed that VICTIM mentality, stop excusing yourself from what you’ve already demonstrated. You’re strong enough to accomplish and be the VICTORIOUS MAMA you were designed to be. We believe in you.

A quick side note for our tribe: We are all about mutually beneficial relationships here at the Newlymoms. So naturally, this article may contain affiliate links. This means that if you were to use the links provided and make a purchase, we may receive a small commission (at no additional cost to you). We only promote products we use, love, and/or fully support — it’s a win, win, win! If you have any questions about what we use, love and/or support, please reach out to us via our contact page.

2. Believe in the Truth of “Glory to Glory”

Regardless of how your first pregnancy went, you have the opportunity to believe that this one will be better. Our God is a “glory to glory” God – that means even if you had a great pregnancy last time, this one can be even better. If your first pregnancy was awful – now it’s your time to turn it around. We’ve written before about the power of your mind to create & define your reality. Put it into practice. We’ve also written about the potential and very real glory of Supernatural Childbirth. Time to exercise your faith mama! You won’t regret it.

3. Be Strong Enough to Ask for Help / Find Your People

Now at first this may seem to fly in the face of #1 but let it sink in for a minute. Strong people are not strong because they can do everything themselves. We were not created to operate or live as an island, but as a community. We all know the saying, “It takes a village …” Strength is not gritting your teeth and doing it all yourself. It’s knowing what you can and cannot accomplish and when your tank is running low. You can’t take care of a child AND grow a new one all by yourself. It’s just not meant to be.

Now, no one should feel comfortable asking for help from people they don’t trust. So a HUGE part of this is finding your people. We want to be your people but cannot help you the way a close-knit, doing-life-together-daily-type community can. It would be like only streaming weekly sermons vs. planting yourself in a local church. One doesn’t replace the other – both are beneficial, the latter is necessary. So if you exist in this world, especially if you’re a mama – finding your people needs to be a priority.

4. Teach Your Toddler Baby Signs, If You Haven’t Already

If you haven’t already read up on, or been preached to about the power of baby sign language – capitalize on it now. The reason this makes it to an article on tips for your 2nd pregnancy is that not being able to communicate with the children you already have can be doubly frustrating while growing a little one. Being extra tired, with more on your mind, and having more responsibilities to care for your own self can lead to more frustration with the existing needs you have to address. And we all know the importance of communication. So finding ways to determine why baby #1 is crying and what he or she needs will minimize stress on yourself and ultimately make for a more peaceful home.

5. Take the Extra Time to Manage Your Life

Figuring out how to manage your life can seem like it takes more time than it saves (at least when you’re getting started). But I’m sure this is not the first you’re hearing about the concept. A little extra effort now, solves a whole lot more problems in the future. You know, the whole “temporary inconvenience for a permanent solution” type mentality. So spend some time figuring out how to effectively manage things like chores, meals, mama time, etc., and stop putting it off for “whenever you have time,” because I promise, you never will. And usually when you end up making time (after you ultimately realize you’ll never just wake up one day and have time) you’ll be stressed, frustrated and half-hearted about it. Check out our post HERE on simple tips for managing your life.

6. Be Okay with Feeling Different About Baby #2

Now, this revelation is coming out of a straight up BREAK DOWN I had a few weeks ago where all I could do was wail (very unattractively) to my husband about a fear that I didn’t love my new little girl like I loved my first little boy. In this process I realized that it was not about loving them “the same” as it was about loving them “uniquely.” After all, God doesn’t love us all equally – He loves us uniquely. So realizing as soon as possible that feeling differently about baby #2 does not mean you love him or her any less than baby #1, will really take some weight off your shoulders and free you up to love baby #2 as uniquely as you were designed to.

Bonus note: if you wanna read more about how God doesn’t love us “equally,” but rather “uniquely” – I encourage you to read the book Without Rival, by Lisa Bevere.

Right there with ya!

Niki from,

The Newlymoms

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