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6 Non-Maternity Items You Can Still Wear While Pregnant


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Non-Maternity Items You Can Still Wear While PregnantI don’t know about you, but I love to save money! And buying tons of maternity clothes that I won’t be wearing after 9 months is a HUGE waste of money. Not to mention it’s hard to find maternity clothes that are flattering, low cost, and fit your personal style. While I was pregnant I realized that I could still wear a lot of my usual clothes for the duration of my pregnancy and I wanted to share some tips with you! Here they are… 6 Non-Maternity Items You Can Still Wear While Pregnant:

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1. Leggings

Black leggingsLet’s be real, these are the most comfortable clothing items and you’ll probably be wearing these often if you haven’t been already. Just wear them under the bump and they’re good to go! Just so you know, these are my favorite pair of leggings! The softest most comfiest pair ever!!

Jogger drawstring pants

2. Pants that have a drawstring.

I wore tons of summer linen pants and joggers. Again- wear them under the bump… these from Target were and still are my absolute FAVS!

3. Kimonos & Cardigans

Kimonos for the spring and summer AND cardigans for the fall and winter. Wear them over maternity tank tops and you’re good. Here are some super cute ones

Mint floral kimono                   Linen Kimono                       Blue floral kimono

long sleeve cardigan                mustard long sleeve cardigan

4. Jeans

Yes! I’m serious! Just buy a maeband

MaebandsMaeband for jeans

or a belly band 

belly band

5. Tank tops or stretchy shirts in the earlier months.

If they’re long enough and stretchy enough they can fit throughout the whole pregnancy. (When you’re further along, check out these super comfy and low cost maternity tanks)

6. Loose fitting maxi skirts and dresses

Most of the time they are loose or stretchy enough to wear over the bump (for Maxi dresses) or under the bump (for maxi skirts). 

jersey knit maxi skirt        Jersey knit Maxi dress     Off the shoulder maxi dress


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