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3 Steps to Walking Out Your Supernatural Childbirth


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If you’ve read our first post on this topic, Supernatural Childbirth: A Personal Experience, you know how passionate we are about the reality of heaven invading your everyday life and experiences. We’re also passionate about you believing that pain-free natural childbirth is gloriously supernatural and totally possible! But sometimes embarking on a journey like this can seem more overwhelming than encouraging – which is why we wanted to break it down for you into 3 simple steps to walk out your supernatural childbirth.

1. Know WHY you believe WHAT you believe

The best place to start for this is our second post in this series – A Path to Pain-Free Natural Childbirth: The First Step. This breaks down WHY we believe WHAT we believe and the foundation our faith is built upon. Once you internalize this, you can move forward into step #2.

A Path to Pain-Free Natural Childbirth: The First Step

2. Build your faith

Knowing why you believe what you believe is often not enough. We need to build on that faith by changing the way we think, feel and live to come into alignment with our belief system. If it doesn’t transform you, what’s the point? Without transformation a belief is just a happy thought or an optimistic mindset. So take a look at our 3rd post in this series: A Path to Pain-Free Natural Childbirth: The Next Step, to dive deeper into what building your faith looks like.

A Path to Pain-Free Natural Childbirth: The Next Step

3. Prepare for your faith to be tested

Even Jesus was tested, mamas (ref. Matthew 4 & Luke 4). When the Lord calls us into a higher level of faith, we should always be prepared to be tested. Testing and trials more often than not confirm we’re headed in the right direction, not tell us we’re going the wrong way. If you’ve never had morning sickness, it may try to sneak in there after reading this post. If you’ve never been plagued by the fear of pain in childbirth, you may find yourself fighting it after reading this article. These are all strategic attempts of the enemy to rob you of your newfound faith and hope.

Be prepared to combat this, mamas. Go to the Lord with everything you feel is coming against you and ask Him for divine strategy in destroying the enemy’s feeble attempts to sabotage you. It could be as simple as creating a set of specific declarations that crush every lie coming at you. For example – if the enemy is telling you that you’re too far along to be believing for supernatural childbirth now, God may put it on your heart to declare, “God is outside of time and He honors my faith. No time is lost or wasted with God and it’s never too late to believe for the kingdom of heaven to come to earth. I claim this reality in my life for this pregnancy and this baby is Jesus Mighty Name!”

I promise you this – being in His presence heals everything, cures everything, IT IS everything. If you set aside time to seek the Lord on these specific issues and soak in his presence – you will never be the same. If He’s put on your heart to believe for the reality of supernatural childbirth in your life, remember one thing: He is faithful (even when we’re not), He fulfills his promises (even when we don’t), and He loves us (even when we don’t love ourselves). Put your faith in Him and He will work on your behalf. He wants this and every other kingdom reality for you more than you want it for yourself!

Happy believing!

Right there with ya,

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