3-Step Routine That Tripled My Milk Supply

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3-Step Routine That Tripled My Milk Supply

I’ve never had an issue with my milk supply in the 11 months I’ve been breastfeeding. Even going back to work when my son had just turned 3 months old and I went from exclusive breastfeeding to pumping out 3 feedings a day.

Then, all of a sudden, around month 9, I noticed my supply started to drop little by little. I believe this was due to a combination of 3 factors:

    1. We started putting Kaiden to bed at 7/7:30 instead of 8/8:30
    2. He started loving his solid foods
    3. I became WAY MORE consistent about working out and slashed my carb intake in half

Not wanting to give up or change any of 3 things mentioned above, I found myself in a bit of pickle. Previously when I wanted to jump start my supply – for no good reason other than to just make myself feel better (because few things feel better than looking at a freezer full of mama’s milk … can I get an AMEN?) –  I ate lots of oatmeal (not quite kosher with the carb thing), power pumped once a day (tried this – didn’t help) and put on pounds eating lactation cookies (yummy, but not good for the midsection).

So on a very sad evening, after only having pumped 5 ounces in 3 pumping sessions that day – I decided to start experimenting. What I came up with – after much trial & error – TRIPLED my supply.

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3-Part Routine That Tripled My Milk Supply

1. On Monday & Tuesday I power pump twice a day*

  • First Session 9am – 10am 
  • Second Session 11am – 12pm

2. On Monday & Tuesday I drink 5 packets of Mother’s Milk Tea (typically every hour-ish)**Mother's Milk Tea3. Every night before going to bed I take 1 Fenugreek Tablet (I can’t take them during the day because they upset my stomach – if your stomach does okay with these – go for the gold and take them up to 3x daily per the bottle directions)**

Fenugreek Tablets

The Monday/Tuesday items (#1 & #2) I only do every OTHER week and it jump starts my supply for the next 2 weeks (pumping regularly every 3 hours on the days in between).

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*Power Pumping goes as follows:

    • Pump 20 minutes
    • Rest 10 minutes
    • Pump 10 minutes
    • Rest 10 minutes
    • Pump 10 minutes

So it’s an hour-long process total. And I always make sure to do the following:

    • Readjust the breast pump flanges every now and then to make sure all the milk ducts are being emptied from every angle possible.
    • Slowly increase suction once the speed is at a moderate level (similar to baby’s sucking pattern)
    • Make sure to massage my breasts during the rest periods to further stimulate milk production

Hands-Free Breast pumping Bra

**I am not a doctor and this routine is simply what worked for me. Check with your doctor before taking any herbal supplements and do not take if you are allergic

Try out this 3-step routine and let me know if this works for you other milkin’ mamas out there!

Nursing mom

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