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10 Books to Nourish Your Toddler’s Soul


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My son absolutely loves books. He brings them to us to read to him over and over and over again. Most books he has are educational and cute but some are just plain annoying. And if I’m going to read something for the 2000th time I want to make sure it’s something worth reading to my son. I want him to have a love for reading, but also a love for God. I want him to know God and His character from a young age. So what better way to teach him then to use something he already loves, like reading books?

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Here They Are, 10 Books to Nourish Your Toddler’s Soul

1. Jesus Storybook Bible

This is hands down the best children’s bible ever! Check out our review here to see why

The Jesus Storybook Bible

2. I Can Only Imagine: A Friendship With Jesus Now and Forever

This book encourages children to imagine what heaven is like – but also encourages them that God cares about everything we care about from our pets to the songs we like to sing. And most importantly, it teaches kids that we don’t have to wait for heaven to spend time with God; we can do that all the time – right here and now.

I Can Only Imagine: A Friendship With Jesus Now And Forever

3. Good Good Father

This book is all about how above all other characteristics, God is a loving Father. It’s a super cute book about a little bear who tries to figure out the best gift to bring to the King, so he will help him solve his friend’s problems. As he encounters the King, he realizes that although everything he learned about who the King was is true, the most important thing was that the King is a loving Father and that the best gift the little bear could ever give the Father is himself. This book comes in a hardcover and also boardbook form (for those kiddos who love to rip pages). The boardbook is a different narrative and shorter but the same lesson.

4. God Is Really Good

This book takes your child on a journey from worry and doubt, to hope and faith. It’s about a sparrow who keeps hearing everyone’s problems and starts to doubt God’s goodness. He then encounters a Lily that shows him he’s only focused on the things that are not good. She teaches him how to let go and see all the good things God is doing.

God Is Really Good

5. Found: Psalm 23

This is a wonderful book written by the same author and illustrator of the Jesus Storybook Bible and it is a child’s version of Psalm 23–The Good Shepherd. It’s a must-have!

Found: Psalm 23

The next 5 Books listed are written by the same author and illustrator. These books are beautifully illustrated and a great way to not only feed your child’s soul but also teach them practical things like animals, numbers, emotions etc.

6. From Eden to Bethlehem

This is a board book that uses scripture to teach children the names of the animals. It’s pretty great.

From Eden to Bethlehem

7. Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light is all about opposites. It uses scripture to teach things like “quiet and loud,” “dark and light,” “above and below” etc.

Let There Be Light

8. Psalms of Praise

This book uses psalms to teach children movement words like “clap,” “stand,” “walk,” and “dance.”

Psalms of Praise

9. First Bible Basics

Not only does this book teach good theology — stuff like the 3 persons of the Trinity, the 7 “I Ams” of Jesus, even the 5 books of the Pentateuch! But it’s also a counting book from 1 to 10. I love this book because it definitely can still be read as your child gets older.

First Bible Basics

10. Holy Week

Holy Week takes your child through scriptures from when Jesus enters Jerusalem on a donkey, to His crucifixion and resurrection. It’s all about emotions. The illustrations are very good at describing the emotions felt from the people in the verses used and it’s a great way to teach your child how he or she is feeling.

Holy Week

Happy Reading!

Right there with ya!

Christine from,

The Newlymoms

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