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1 Thing I Wish I Knew Before Buying Maternity Clothes


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1 Thing I Wish I Knew Before Buying Maternity Clothes

1 Thing I Wish I Knew Before Buying Maternity ClothesI, Christine, am quite the opposite of Niki, the research queen (this is why we make great friends and business partners). But I often don’t dig deep enough when researching, and when it came to maternity clothes, I thought I knew what I was doing. My idea was to find the cutest and comfiest low cost items available but I didn’t think first to check my own wardrobe. Nor did I think about how I’m never going to wear these clothes again unless I decide to have more kiddos. Not to mention, I envisioned maternity clothes shopping as something fun and exciting, but I absolutely hated it! For 3 reasons:

1. I was plus size and pregnant, so finding something that didn’t make me look like a Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon was a challenge. (Side note: I have been on a postpartum weightloss journey and have lost 60+ lbs! So if you’re needing some inspiration or motivation check it out here).

2. I could never find anything that was my style and looked cute

3. I spent way too much money and only wore some of the stuff I bought

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Well, after several hundred dollars and months of experience, I figured something out… ONE HUGE thing that I wish I knew BEFORE I went maternity clothes shopping:

You Don't Need to Buy That Much


You don’t need that much. You can honestly do two things: wear some of the clothes you had before you were preggo and buy only a select few items to complement what you can’t fit into anymore. Check these 2 posts:


Go your entire pregnancy with only 7 maternity clothing items

6 Non-Maternity Items You Can Still Wear While Pregnant6 Non-Maternity Items You Can Still Wear While Pregnant


Go Your Whole Pregnancy With Only 7 Maternity Clothing Items


Do these 2 things and you’ll save money, time, energy, and your sanity!


Right there with ya,

Christine from

The Newlymoms

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